feature and follow friday #6

Follow Friday is a Meme hosted by Allison can Read and Parajunkee, It is a chance to link up with other book bloggers and get to know one another a bit better through hopping though everyone’s blogs.


Question of the Week: Tell us about a book character you’d trade places with.


This is a hard question because most of the books I read are about kick arse female’s that face adversity but are able to fight for what is right.  I don’t know if I would have the courage to do what most of these girls do.  But one character does stick out in my mind mostly because of a male figure in the book.  Sookie Stackhouse, she has a loving family, Hot Vampires (Eric) and Hot weres (Alcide) and of course Shifters (Sam) who love her unconditionally how could you not want a piece of that.


11 thoughts on “feature and follow friday #6

  1. 🙂 Yeah.

    I couldn’t keep my choices down to just one. I’m impressed that you managed it. I ended up picking lots o badass ladies…but I interpreted the question as someone I would want to be, not someone I am like in real life.

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