Win me by Blue Ashcroft #Review

Title: Win Me

Author: Blue Ashcroft

Series: A1pha part 2

Publisher: Independant

Source: Brought

Release Date:  July 18th 2014

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The Synopsis

Life isn’t easy with when you live in a house with three guys, but former gamer girl Kira is trying to adjust. When she ran from an abusive relationship to hide with her old gaming teammates, she wasn’t expecting life to get so complicated. Between jealousies erupting among the men and the complicated sexual tension between her and her ex crush, gorgeous pro gamer A1pha, Kira isn’t sure she made the right decision in coming back.

But the choice might not be hers for much longer, because her abusive ex Nate just showed up at the mansion, and he’s determined not to go home empty handed.

My Thoughts




Well we finally get an answer to that cliff hanger, and what a doosy.  This book had me griped in tension, Nate is a dick and Kira is our damsel in distress.   A1pha really shows a lot more of himself in this story and starts to open up to Kira, which is great because I love A1pha you just don’t get to understand why he is the way he is, In win me we get the nitty gritty.

Ethan and Ollie are still wonderful characters I love them almost as much as I love Kira and A1pha, I would love a follow up to their stories as well.

To sum up, Win me follows on from Play me, sure the story line may be a bit choppy in some places but it sure is an entertaining follow up and I am looking forward to the next Installment.


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