#Jump Girl by Leigh Hutton #Review Feature Author

Title: Jump Girl

Author: Leigh Hutton

Series: The Go Girl Chronicles

Publisher: Leigh Hutton Books

Source: Provided by Author

Release Date:November 22nd 2014

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My Thoughts


After reading the first book in the Go Girl Chronicles Rev Girl, I am hooked. I couldn’t wait for Jump girl to be released and I was not disappointed.
In Jump girl we meet Ebony, who has had a rough start at life, and after finally finding a stable loving home, it is torn apart by her mothers mysterious death. At least she still has her passion, Horse Jumping.

Living with a gold digging aunt, it isn’t surprising that she starts to get rid of Ebony’s horses with no horse to ride, Ebony starts getting depressed, everything she loves is getting ripped away from her.

Until one day Ebony finds Monster a fiery horse that has been left neglected and half starved, Ebony brings him back to life and with the both of them Ebony finally has a chance to realise her dreams of jumping for the World Equestrian Games.

Jump girl has everything in it, mystery, murder, moments that will have you heartbroken and in tears and moments that will have you jumping for joy. Even with so many different plot themes they all tie in together perfectly.

All up I would say Jump Girl is another Amazing Edition to The Go Girl Chronicles and add it as a Must Read.

As an Added bonus I love how some characters from Rev Girl were added into this story tying the two together, especially Clover’s Sister who I imagined a stuck up snob from Rev Girl but really enjoyed in Jump Girl.

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4 thoughts on “#Jump Girl by Leigh Hutton #Review Feature Author

  1. Hey you couldn’t leave us after all. It’s cause we’re so irresistible, isn’t it? After your review I had to snag the first book. I can’t wait to read it! It has an inspirational (yet fun) sports movie vibe to it. I hope you and your family are doing well. I imagine it’s getting hot. We’re bundled up here.

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