Sydney housewives- Virginia by Rhian Cahill #Review

 Warning this book is seriously Hot and Sexy not for the feint of heart!

Title: Virginia

Author: Rhian Cahill

Series: Secret Confessions: Sydney housewives

Publisher: Escape Publishing

Source: Netgalley

Release Date: November 6th 2014

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My Thoughts


What a great way to kick of a new kinky series about Sydney Housewives by Australian Authors.

I would really like to say how much I love the covers for this series, super eye catching that dragged me in straight away.

Virginia is one of the elite with successful businesses and living in a penthouse, She has it all or at least that is what everyone thinks.  In reality Virginia’s husband has left and to fill the void she frequents a bar dressed down and picks up men.

I love how Virginia owns the fact that she is happy to dress down and go to a bar just to pick up men, she is not shamed and dirty for doing it but empowered and strong.  Of course being a novella we don’t really get to dive into Virginia’s life too deeply but it is definitely a hot sexy read that I enjoyed reading.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series and hope that through the other women we might get a deeper picture of the characters, definitely entertaining, hot and steamy for a first novella in a series and I am hooked.  On to the next one.


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