Girl Under water by Claire Kells #review


Title: Girl Underwater

Author: Claire Kells

Series: Stand Alone

Publisher: Random House Australia

Source: Kindly supplied by Publisher for review

Release Date: April 1st 2015

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‘What if the most devastating moment of your life was also the beginning of something beautiful? A compelling coming-of-age love story’ (Jodi Picoult). Girl Underwater is a stunning work of New Adult fiction from a talented young writer.

Nineteen-year-old Avery Delacorte loves the water. Growing up, she took swim lessons at her community pool and captained the local team; in high school, she raced across bays and sprawling North American lakes. Now a sophomore on her university’s nationally ranked team, she struggles under the weight of new expectations, but life is otherwise pretty good. Perfect, really.

That all changes when Avery’s cross-country flight home makes a ditch landing in a mountain lake in the Colorado Rockies. She is one of only five survivors, which includes three little boys and her teammate, Colin Shea, whom she’s avoided since the first day of freshman year.

Now, faced with sub-zero temperatures, minimal supplies, and the dangers of a forbidding nowhere, Avery and Colin must rely on each other in ways they never could have imagined.
“A compelling coming-of-age love story that will have you rooting for its teen narrator, a girl who survives a disaster and finds herself trapped between a traumatic past and a fragile future. Trust me – dive in!” JODI PICOULT

My Thoughts


I absolutely loved this story!!, A tale of pure survival, Avery and Colin two Olympic swimming hopefuls find themselves in a plane crash in the Rockies with three young boys to care for.

Colin and Avery do what they must to keep the boys and themselves alive, This story is so different than books that are out there at the moment that when it was offered to me to review I said yes but was not sure what I would think of it. I was amazed when I read it all in one day because I could not put it down!
Girl Underwater is a roller-coaster ride of emotions, when Avery and Colin are stranded in the snow and not sure what to do they showed unimaginable courage by trying everything they could even if it meant risking their lives to save the children, surrounded by so many dangers, including bears and Icy lakes, Girl Underwater keeps you on the edge of your seat hoping like hell they all survive.
This story is a must for anyone with genre burn out. thrilling and realistic, their triumphs and failures give you ups and downs and at times goosebumps.




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