The Lost Girl by R.L Stine #review


Title: The Lost Girl

Author: R.L Stine

Series: Fear Street Relaunch #3

Publisher: St Martins Press

Source: Kindly supplied by Publisher and Netgalley

Release Date: September 29 2015

Buy Now:



“Generations of children and teens have grown up on R.L. Stine’s bestselling and hugely popular horror series, Fear Street andGoosebumps. Now, the Fear Street series is back with a chilling new installment, packed with pure nightmare fodder that will scare Stine’s avid fan base of teen readers and adults. New student Lizzy Palmer is the talk of Shadyside High. Michael and his girlfriend Pepper befriend her, but the closer they get to her, the stranger she seems… and the more attractive she is to Michael. He invites her to join him on a snowmobile race that ends in a tragic accident. Soon, Michael’s friends start being murdered, and Pepper becomes convinced that Lizzy is behind the killings. But to her total shock, she and Michael are drawn into a tragic story of an unthinkable betrayal committed over 60 years ago. Frightening and tense in the way that only this master of horror can deliver, The Lost Girl is another terrifying Fear Street novel by the king of juvenile horror.

My Thoughts


They are Back! When I was growing up I was never without a book, mostly Goosebumps and Fear Street books, I could not get enough of them.  R.L Stine was my hero, I have ticked off nearly every book he has written in these series.

Of course as soon as I saw The Lost Girl on Netgalley I had to get my hands on a copy, I was worried of course that once you reach a certain age I would look back on Fear Street and find it boring and too young, like I have with other books I have reread in my Adult hood that I loved in my Child hood I did not want to tarnish my memories.

So I jumped in reading with trepidation, but I should not have worried, although it took a while to get use to the younger character voices which were annoying at times, I found the whole book to be excellent and still enjoyable.

Going back and forth in time between now with Michael and Pepper, Michaels father owns a Snow mobile shop and life is good for their senior year of school, until a mysterious girl called Lizzy shows up and for some reason Michael is instantly drawn to her and he becomes obsessed.  Michael throws a party with snowmobiles and while Michael and his friends including Lizzy are out playing on them when tragedy strikes and Michael Kills someone.  Soon after he starts getting threats and being stalked by a dead man, which all sounds overdone but once the two stories start to come together you get a bigger mystery and picture.

In 1950 Beth’s father is opening his own stable and they are celebrating, except for Beth’s fathers ex boss Martin who is now competition, he is taken away and murdered and Beth witnesses it all. Beth has some mind tricks that she has been taught but she can’t help her father and Can’t help herself when they spot her and come after her through Fear street woods.  Beth and Martins son Aaron who is chasing her soon disappear and are never seen again.

Although you feel at times you are reading two different stories, the thrills and mystery keep you hanging on. When people start dropping like flies you start trying to work out who is behind it, eventually the two stories merge in that twisted Fear Street way and you get an awesome fun book.

I am now going to go buy the two books in the series I missed and hopefully I will have a review of them soon, but for now this book is a must read for any new or old Fear Street fan.



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