#pleaseretweet by Emily Benet #review



Author: Emily Benet

Series: Standalone

Publisher: Harper Collins UK

Source: provided by Netgalley and Publisher for review

Release Date: August 4 2015

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‘A funny and frantic cautionary tale for the digital generation…Highly recommended’ – Chick Lit Love

How to mess up your life in 140 characters

Social media whizz kid, May Sparks has landed her dream job. Well, not quite, but the salary is great and all May has to do is handle the online profiles of Z C – list celebrities who have the tendency to say inappropriate things. Easy, right? #wrong

May’s clients include an ex big brother star (who she’s definitely not going to sleep with #neversaynever), a disgraced TV presenter (who wants May to sort out his marriage as well as his Twitter account), and a woman who once flashed her boobs on X-factor. They’re all relying on her to turn them into stars. But they’re not going to make her job easy.

As May is sucked further and further into her job she begins to lose her grip on real life. Her friends don’t ‘like’ her Facebook posts anymore and even her gorgeous neighbour, who once seemed to be on the same wavelength, criticises her career choice. Worse, May’s clients start getting trolled by an annoying tweep, who May happens to agree with.

Then May’s secret online identity is leaked, causing her to start trending on Twitter. It looks like the status update is over. Unless May can leave the superficial social media word behind and find her own voice again…

My Thoughts


May’s life is a chaotic mess, she is just starting a new business as a social media agent, where she manages the tweets of her famous clients to keep them out of trouble, except the more she tries to do for them the more her life descends into chaos.

I found May to be a likeable character although she is addicted to the high she gets from social media interaction, she is still a loveable girl that is trying to get her life together.  It took a little bit for me to get use to the style of writing I found it to be a bit chaotic like the character herself and since I do not read a lot of Chick lit I had to concentrate to read until I was use to it.

I loved all the characters, they were all warm and personable and trying to accommodate May and her job even when they were fed up with her and May realised that they were pulling away from her.

Please retweet is a fun story about the pitfalls of twitter and social media, and one girls struggle to find balance in her life.

I gave this book 5 stars totally enjoyable and a light read to get you giggling.



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