Who’s Afraid? by Maria Lewis # Aussie Review

26594217Title: Who’s Afraid?

Author: Maria Lewis

Series: Who’s Afraid #1

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Source: Supplied by Publisher

Release Date: Jan 12th 2016

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Amazon currently priced at $16.99



Incredibly exciting new voice in paranormal fiction.

This is the story of Tommi, a young Scottish woman living an ordinary life, who stumbles violently into her birthright as the world’s most powerful werewolf. The sudden appearance of a dark, mysterious (and very attractive) guardian further confuses her as her powers begin to develop and she begins to understand that her life can never be the same again. The reader will be swept up in Tommi’s journey as she’s thrown into the middle of a centuries-old battle and a world peopled with expert warriors and vicious enemies – this is the start of a series – and a world – you will fall in love with.

My Thoughts





Who’s Afraid was a great eclectic mix of culture and genre, If you are after a book that is a bit different then pick this one up!

First off the cover is amazing, It really stands out from the shelves and with the bright blue eye catching cover, I wanted to read this book without even reading the blurb.

Tommi is different from your usual softly spoken prim and proper heroine, Tommi has bright blue hair, she is from New Zealand but lives in Scotland. After her mother dies Tommi decides that she will look for her estranged father in New Zealand.

Tommi gets more than she bargained for with her found family in New Zealand they are a different and a whole lot creepy, after a terrifying encounter, and finding out her father is dead, Tommi heads back home to Scotland and tries to put her family behind her except she can’t , she learns that her family are Werewolves and not nice ones either and now her powers have been triggered so she has to learn to control her werewolf side as well as finding out who followed her back from New Zealand and who is murdering people.

There was a hint of romance but not full in your face romance, more focusing on the mystery and Tommi as a person which is refreshing in a urban fantasy novel. Tommi is a lovable strong and intelligent character she is flawed which I love since most heroines are all perfect people to begin with now in books.


I am really looking forward to reading the next instalment in this series by a talented Australian writer and I highly recommend it for those who want to read a Urban Fantasy without all the love and mushy stuff thrown in.

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