Feature and Follow Friday #1



Since I am blogging again, I decided that I would love to find some new blogging friends and some new blogs to follow, and I have always been a fan of feature and follow Fridays.

So Hi to new friends, please follow me on blog lovin.

This weeks Post Prompt:  Favourite bookish memory.

I use to work in Kmart, Australia my favourite day and most bookish memory was the days when the Harry Potter books would drop, not only would I make sure I got my copy but I would see the long lines of eager fans waiting for the doors to open in the morning to rush in and buy a copy. Then I would spend the whole day dashing between the bookstores in the centre to keep the price the same.

So many happy and excited people would come on those days and they are the best retail experience I can remember no one was cranky that day.



8 thoughts on “Feature and Follow Friday #1

  1. Oh, what fantastic days I bet those were! Everyone so excited and happy and dying to get their book. I wish I had wanted to read the HP series as I was growing up, but I wouldn’t. I wish I could have had one of those kinds of days as a reader!

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