Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in Aussie Bookworm Reviews


Genres I am Interested In:

Urban Fantasy

Paranormal Romance (YA or Adult)


Erotica Particularly Paranormal (Review will be clean and given an 18 + Warning for readers.)

I am always happy to review Self published aka Indie books.


If you would like me to review a book for you please contact me at or through goodreads, facebook or twitter.

Please include in correspondence what your book is about, a bit of information about the author and when you need the review by.  All books I read reviews are left at goodreads, facebook, twitter and my blog. If you need it elsewhere let me know.

I may accept all requests for reviews.  I cannot always guarantee a posted review, I will be honest with my reviews  and if i did not like a book I will be  respectful and explain why I did not enjoy it.

I make all attempts to finish a book and leave a review, sometimes life might get in the way and I am unable to.

All books that are given to me for review are considered gifts and will not be passed on without permission from author or publisher. I do not accept money for reviews.

I am happy to get involved in any author interviews, guest blogs or blog tours.




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