Living Well with Chronic Illness #review


Title: Living Well with Chronic Illness

Author: Joanna J. Charnas

Series: Stand alone

Publisher: MSI Press

Source: Netgalley

Release Date:  August 25 2015

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Living Well with Chronic Illness is a self-help guide for anyone who has a chronic illness or who knows and cares about someone else who does. The 20 chapters concisely address a comprehensive range of issues including daily routines, relationships, medical and legal services, a joyful life, and much more. In our hectic, information-laden world where the Internet places billions of contradictory facts at our fingertips, the straightforward content of this book is an alternative resource for people who want to feel better and don’t want to spend hours searching for answers. The tools inside, presented with compassion, humor, and a wealth of knowledge, are for those who want to apply and enjoy new health-promoting ideas immediately. Living Well with Chronic Illness evolved from the author’s personal experience with chronic illness and 26 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

My Thoughts



I really enjoyed this book, it wasn’t boring like a lot of self-help books, everything that Joanna writes is from experience. with lots of practical advice and tips, I really found most of the content useful and hopefully apply it to my life to help manage my chronic illness.

Joanna doesn’t write in a technical and garbled way which I really enjoyed because you get some books about chronic illness that just tire you out more than the illness itself, the chapters are easy to follow and read and extremely informative.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is struggling with a chronic illness for one to get an honest look at how someone with chronic illness lives and two to help apply some great information to your life.


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