Thursdays Top Ten

Since I love Australia so much today’s top ten is Aussie Authors, click on their pictures to go to their websites.


Caroline Overton is the author of 6 novels, My favorite is I came to say Goodbye.


9.  Mathew Reilly is the Author of ten novels.


8. Rachel Treasure is a Author who sets her novels in Outback Australia they are very enjoyable my favorite is Jillaroo.


7. Keri Arthur is the Author of the popular series Riley Jensen Guardian novels.


6. Shona Husk is a Author of Paranormal and Adult Romance.

king (1)

5. Belinda Boring is the Author of The Mystic Wolves series.

mystic wolves

4.Garth Nix is a Fantasy Author


3. Now we are getting to the best Mem Fox is a Children’s Writer that I have grown up with and now my Children will grow up with.


2. John Marsden is one of my all time favorite Authors I have re read all his novels too many times to count.


1. Australia mourned the loss recently of our beloved Bryce Courtney


Who are your favs? add them in the comments.


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