Since I am a fairly new blogger this will be my first event, I am really looking forward on how to make my Blog more enjoyable and organised for people to visit and participate in discussions.

So on to my first task.

My To do list for Bloggiesta

  • Make my Blog more user friendly, this is a big one for me to focus on because this is my first blog I am still learning on how to create pages, ect.  feel free to comment on anything that you believe I could improve on.
  • Write 3 more Reviews.
  • Participate in Mini Challenges
  • comment, and network with other bloggiesta participants
  • Have fun
  • sign up with google analytics
  • look into affiliate programs

Mini Challenge

  1. Learn how to organize Review and TBR pile Thanks to Lauren at Lose time reading.
  2. Check out new Rss feed readers to change to before Google Reader dissapears thank to Jenn from the Picky Girl for this post.
  3. Through a Visitors Eyes, hosted by on a book bender
  • Necessary Items
  1. Add a Menu Bar
  2. About Page
  3. Social media links (there but still working on it.
  4. Contact
  5. Search Bar
  6. Review Archive
  7. Leave a test comment on blog to make it easier for interaction by people
  8. Check Search bar works
  9. Check links work



7 thoughts on “Bloggiesta

  1. Looks like you’ve accomplished quite a bit already, way to go! I hope you continue to have a productive weekend 🙂

    Happy Bloggiesta!

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